5 Emergency Reasons To Pull Over Immediately

We get it – you’re in a hurry, and you can’t be bothered to pull over and deal with that particular nagging blinking light right now. You’re sure it can wait. But there are certain times when you really do have to call up your boss, tell him you may be late, and get your car off the road. They shouldn’t be a regular occurrence, but if one of these five emergencies happen while you’re driving, pull your car over immediately and don’t consider waiting it out.

Your windscreen has been damaged

If you’re driving in hail and you suddenly have a big knock to the windscreen, or a rock flies off the road and cracks the glass, this isn’t a time to get to your destination and deal with it later. A damaged windscreen can be more dangerous than you might think, and the windscreen replacement cost sydney won’t be as steep or inconvenient to organise as you’d expect. An emergency team can come out quickly to repair or replace your windscreen so you can drive on without risking lack of visibility or a possible glass shattering emergency.

5 Emergency Reasons To Pull Over Immediately

You’re feeling really exhausted

Some people like to head off on long road trips with big ambitions for how far they’re going to get in a certain amount of time. Remember, there’s no big grand prize for reaching your own made up expectation of how quickly you can get there. If you’re starting to feel blurry-eyed with exhaustion and you can’t concentrate as well as you need to, it’s time to pull over and get some shut-eye. Tiredness is a major cause of accidents on the road, so get some rest before you carry on.

A fight breaks out in the car

This may sound silly, but if there’s a major drama going down in your car then you’re unlikely to be able to pay sufficient attention to the road or the cars around you, and distraction can quickly cause a serious collision. If the kids are screaming bloody murder at each other in the backseat and you can’t focus on the road or keep needing to turn to look at them, or you’re arguing with your partner and find yourself getting upset, pull over and sort it out so you don’t crash your car mid-debate.

You see smoke

If you see smoke emerging from any part of your vehicle, you need to pull over immediately to assess the cause and call for help. Smoke can be a sign of a number of different problems with your car, so it may not end up being a huge deal, but it’s always a sign that something has gone wrong and needs the attention of a mechanic.

The police are asking you to pull off the road

This is an emergency reason that nobody really wants to think about or experience. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, it’s generally an uncomfortable feeling to get pulled over by the police. However, if you see those lights flashing behind you or a siren alerting you that you need to get off the road, you’d better listen up and pull off as soon as you have a clear path. Don’t make any dangerous manoeuvres in a panic – just pull off as soon as it’s safe.


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