According to studies and surveys, motorcycle involved incidents are the undisputed number one when it comes to road and traffic accidents. Thus, if you are undergoing a motorcycle accident litigation, then you might want to get the best lawyer to represent your case.
As motorcycle riders, we all can agree that we are not necessarily the primary cause of a road accident. Yes, we take advantage of our smaller bikes in order to breeze and zig-zag our way through traffic. Yes, we often speed up, because who doesn’t want to when the road is free, right? What people don’t know is that we riders are more concerned about our safety than what others may think. It is us in the end who will suffer the bruises, scratches, crippling injuries and even death itself. Thus, it is very unfair for us to be treated as the instigators or the cause of a road accident when it is us who receives the greater damage. However, no matter how we explain and plead, the courts will not be able to hear and understand our side without the help of a good lawyer. That being said, in order for you to win your motorcycle accident litigation, here are 5 tips that will surely be of good help.

• Reputation

The reputation of the litigation attorney must be your first item on your checklist. Check if the attorney has handled motorcycle litigation cases in the past and how did he perform. Did he fight for his client or just go for the easier settlement? Is he famous for handling such cases? And how does he handle his clients? It is very important that you check the background of the potential attorney as you will be relying on him in order to claim rightful damages from the accident.

• Connections

The connections of the attorney is also very important. An attorney who has good connections with insurance companies will be able to speed up your insurance claims. Furthermore, if he is well-connected with authorities such as the police, traffic management group, and other related agencies, then his investigation will be smoother. With such connections, he might be able to uncover pieces of evidence that will allow you to win your case.

• Licenses

Each state has their own board or agency that gives licenses to professional lawyers to practice the law within their state. For instance, if you are looking for a Los Angeles Motorcycle attorney, then you can check for lawyers in the State Bar of California or the Los Angeles County Bar Association. It is very important that you check and verify if the potential lawyer is listed as one of the licensed and registered professional litigation lawyers in your state.

• Communication

Your lawyer and you must be able to openly communicate with each other. Truth is the key to winning a case. And if both of you don’t trust each other, then the lesser chances of you winning your case. It is very important that a sincerity and good communication is established with the lawyer prior to the acceptance of the case.

• Fees

Last but not least, remember that litigations will cost you a significant amount of money. Thus, it is important that you know how much you will be spending. There are lawyers that won’t accept payment should they lose your case. There are also lawyers that get paid by the hour. There are also lawyers that demand down payment to cover their costs with your case. Whichever you choose, it is very important that you understand how they want to get paid. And combined with the 4 tips above, you will surely be able to find the best value attorney for you.


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