When it comes to buying new tires or replacement tires for your car, there are a number of things that one needs to do. Even before you settle for a place to buy your tires, you need to know the kind of tires that you require. You need to have information about the cost of the tires as well as the discount applicable if one buys a set of tires, or if they buy in bulk. You need to know where to buy the tires. Are there some tire shops in your area? What kind of tires do they stock? The above questions are some of the pertinent issues you need to think about before you settle for a shop or a store that sells tires. When you are deciding to buy tires, you need to have a clue on the location of tire shops or tire dealers. Wherever you can find a good deal, that is the right place for you to buy your car tires. Here are 5 tips to help you locate the right tire shops:

1. Tire Retail Chain

There are many retail chain stores that stock a variety of tires. This could be the ideal place for people looking to buy new tires. Retail chains like the Tire Kingdom, Discount Tire as well as Les Schwab could the best places for you to shop for the right kind of tires. These chains stock tires and wheels; which means that it would be a good place for you to find both tires and wheels. These chains could also offer the best discounts due to the fact that they buy their tires in bulk.

2. Online Tire Retailers

Did you know that you can buy tires online and have them shipped to a local installer? Well, this is possible and could actually offer you a better way to buy tires without the need for you to leave your locality. The good thing about the online retailers is that they have sites where previous clients have written reviews of their experiences. You could also benefit from the “live chat” offered by the online tire retailing stores to guide you in finding suitable tires for your vehicle.

3. Mechanics or Independent Dealers

There are many independent stores that sell tires and sometimes at better prices. These also have the right expertise in tire dealerships and do take care of what their clients require. Your local mechanic could also stock tires. All you need to do is ask them for their variety of tires and they will be more than willing to sell and install the tires. However, one should always be aware of the quality of the tires on offer. Always begin shopping for your tires early enough to be assured of quality and originality of the tires.

4. Branded Tire Chains

If you require a specific brand of tires, you could think of branded chain stores in your locality. There are many branded tire chains such as Goodyear Auto and Firestone Complete Auto. These could offer you full maintenance of the tires and other services. They also have qualified staff who can answer any queries and issue you may have with your tires. However, you need to be cognizant of the fact that these branded chains will only stock their brands of tires. As such, you may be limited to only their brand of tires.

5. Big-Box Stores

You can also find tires on sale at large retails stores such as Wal-Mart, Sears, and Costco among others. If there are such stores in your locality, you can always walk in and find the right kind of tires necessary for your vehicle. You can also benefit from the friendly prices offered by these big box stores and also ask the attendants any questions or queries that you may have about tires. These stores could also offer you better prices.


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