Passing your test is an exciting time; you finally have more freedom to go wherever you want to go independently. However, being a new driver can also be quite daunting. You now have to make independent decisions while driving and take full responsibility. You need to be careful as a new driver, as if you do make any mistakes you will be penalized. This can lead to your license being revoked before you have even had a chance to get used to being on the road. Follow this link to find out how to check if your license is suspended


Adjust for bad weather

One common mistake for new drivers is failing to adjust their driving for bad weather. Rain, snow, ice, or even bright sunshine can affect your driving. You need more time to break and need to maintain traction on the road. If you are unsure, you should ask someone to come out with you while you get used to something new. Have sunglasses handy in your car for the bright sun. 


Turn music off

When you first start driving, you may want to keep the radio or music off or at a low level. It can be distracting, especially if you are not very confident yet. 


Don’t offer lifts

Driving around a group of people can be very distracting. You may want to stay away from being a taxi service initially. Especially if people are going to be drinking, as even if you do not drink, they might act in ways that confuse you. 


Fuel efficiency 

Drive economically by keeping the revs low, not carrying any excess eight, making smooth gear changes and breaks. This will lower your fuel cost


Wear P plates

You should wear P plates for a good amount of time after you have passed your test. You may be reluctant to do so, but it is important that you do. P plates let other drivers know that you are inexperienced, and they will make allowances for this. Furthermore, they will be more forgiving if you do make a mistake. 


Know your car

As a new driver, you may be driving in a different car to what you learned in. This can make driving much harder. Check the position of your seat and your mirrors. Look through the manual and make sure you are aware of all you need to know. For example, what fuel it takes, as putting in the wrong fuel could ruin your car. 


Get on the highway

Driving on the highway might be scary, but the sooner you do it, the better. Otherwise, your anxiety will only build up. Go with someone the first time you go on the highway, but then don’t be afraid to try it on your own. 


Practice unfamiliar conditions

The sooner you do things that make you nervous, the quicker you will feel confident. Drive at night and try out country roads. Also, practice parking in different places. If you had any weaknesses when learning to drive, then iron them out. Take your time on your own to get plenty of practice. 


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