One of the greatest things about modern society is being able to drive a car around. This is so convenient, yet we take it for granted. If we had to walk everywhere, then our lives would be a lot different. One thing that isn’t so great is paying for car insurance. Especially if you have a couple of tickets in your past, this can get pretty expensive. However, if you put your mind to work, you may be able to save some money.

Since there are many factors involved in figuring out your car insurance rates, we can look at some and decide which ones are most under our control. For example, buying a cheaper car would work, but it’s not very likely. Another strategy would be to simply make sure you never get into any accidents or get any tickets. This is something that is under your control.

Safe Driving Practices

One way that can really reduce your chances of getting a ticket or getting into an accident is to drive slowly. The speed limits were put there for a reason, and you should obey them all the time, not only when it’s convenient. Getting a speeding ticket is expensive as well.

Another tip is make sure you have plenty of air in your tires. Many people don’t do this much any more sense we pump out own gas. True, they’ll check your air pressure when they change your oil, but many people don’t do this often enough.

Try not to get into heated arguments while driving. It may seem like the perfect time, because the other person is captive and can’t run away, but it could distract you into making some serious mistakes, like crashing into a telephone pole or running a stop light.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing of all is talking on your cell phone. Please don’t do this. You may think that with some type of hands free device you’ll be OK, but it’s just too easy to get distracted and drive off a cliff. Then your insurance rates will really go up.

Video: Defensive Driving Best Practices

Safe driving is the cornerstone of an affordable insurance policy. Keep your eyes on the road, and your mind on staying out of trouble.


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