Buying From A Statewide Auto Auction And Skip The Dealership

Many people still want to buy a new or used car and expect this option to be the local dealership. There are certainly pros and cons to each but going through an auction, when done properly, has a lot more to offer you than any dealership. You can feel just as safe and hopeful when you head to a statewide auto auction if not more so. With a few tips in particular you’ll have no problem finding a respectable statewide auto auction and driving off in your dream car at half the price you expected to pay.

One helpful tip if you plan on going through a statewide auto auction is to be aware of what format the auction is in. There are bank auto auctions, government auto auctions and private auto auctions. The online auctions are really convenient but you can also choose to go to an auction in person if you prefer. It depends on whether you want to be there in person to examine a vehicle before agreeing to buy or if you feel confident looking at pictures and doing research to buy a car over an online auction.

A Statewide Auto Auction

Especially but not only if you choose to go to an online statewide auto auction you want to be ware of all accepted methods of payment before bidding on any cars. Not all auctions are the same and some only accept checks while others take everything from cash to all major credit cards. If you make an error in judgment with payment you can end up causing a big hassle for you and the auctioneers. Talking to an auction representative before starting in on any auction is always a wise decision.

They will be able to offer you valuable information on such matters as documentation and what you should be receiving when bidding on and buying a car, as well as how to register your car once you have won it. It really pays to take the time and ask questions. When you are bidding on an online auction it’s easy because you have the Internet right there which can also be incredibly helpful. While you are shopping through the selection if you ever want to compare the asking prices or look up information on any make or model, you have a wealth of information right at your fingertips and never have to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Going through a statewide auto auction, online or off, you can save yourself hundreds even thousands of dollars. Then you can have the best of both worlds. You get to search and bid on the cars you want online but will be able to travel and check out any vehicles of interest in person before actually agreeing to buy them. You should receive a warranty with later model vehicles that you want to keep in a safe place and you’ll be amazed at all the money you save.


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