Motocross Graphic – How To Prepare The Surface And Installation

Motocross Graphics helps its customers in delivering the best service and helps a passionate rider enjoys their ride with their graphics. One can inspect their plastics and if any damages like scratches or other major damages are seen they can be replaced. Before applying the motocross graphics the plastics of the bike must be in a good condition. For installing the kit tape which is adhesive is needed along with scissors, hair dryer, mixture of alcohol and water and squeegee is needed which is optional. Before proceeding applying the graphics, one must wash their hands while they are working with the surface. If the hands are not clean and have any oil or dust , it reduces the adhesives ability for sticking the graphics.

How to install mx graphics? The motocross graphics can be installed on any type of bikes, old or new, modern or conventional ones. You can make your new bike more appealing or transform your old bike into an enchanting one. All you need to do is install the graphics.

Motocross Graphic

Prepare the surface

It is also important to prepare the surface before applying the graphics. One must remove the old graphics with the help of hair dryer or gun. When the graphics are warmed using them, it will be easy to remove graphics. Once it is removed, the surface must be cleaned with an agent which helps in degreasing the surface. Any residue from old graphics must not be left and they must be cleaned. The plastics of the bike must be warm before the graphics are applied and it is best to keep the plastics in a room for few hours where the temperature is more than 150 c.

placing the graphic

One must be careful while placing the graphic

For applying the graphics the decal must be placed on the plastic and with the help of adhesive decal must be taped on the plastic, decal will help in holding. The backing paper must be removed till the middle and then it must be cut off. Then one must check the alignment and then touch the graphics to place them. Move in small sections applying pressure so that bubbles or wrinkles are not formed. If any bubbles are seen, use a safety pin and pop the bubbles and smooth the area. If there are any excessive graphic sections, then cut them with scissors.

Do it with patience

How to install mx graphics? While installing one must be patient and take their time. The plastic must be kept in a room for few hours and after installing, one must wait for minimum 24hrs so that the graphic is bond properly. The graphics can be of any design and any model with different colors can be made. The graphics can be stuck all over the bike or in few places and it depends on the bike owner. The person sticking the graphics must make sure to be careful white sticking the graphics and look for perfect finishing near the edges and ensure it looks perfect. The drying of the adhesive of the graphic is also important.


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