Rock Bouncer

Rock bouncer is a term that confuses many. Those who know nothing about these monster vehicles imagine it to be something concerned or associated with rock concerts. But ask those who love to take part in adventure and outdoor sports activities and they will tell you what these specially designed vehicles are and what they can do to raise adrenaline levels of the racing enthusiasts. Rock bouncers are a new breed of vehicles that are capable of moving on any road and in any direction. They are designed to allow the driver to virtually do anything sitting inside these large vehicles. This custom made 4 wheeled drive machine allows the driver to do just about anything he wishes from climbing a steep wall to pulling itself over large boulders. It can even recover from massive rollovers. The quickest way to learn what a rock bouncer can do is to see a few of the videos about these monster machines.

Rock Bouncer

Imagine a monster vehicle with tires coming up to your waist

If you need to visualize, just think of a rock crawler and then imagine a vehicle that can do all this in a very aggressive manner. It is fitted with a very powerful engine that produces mammoth force and torque to allow the driver to overcome large obstacles and to climb near vertical walls. The main highlight of these rock bouncers are their tires that are large with diameter always more than 3 feet. The driver sits inside a caged body with steel bars at specific angles to provide cushion and strength so that the vehicle recovers from almost any angle. These bars also ensure full protection for the internal parts of the vehicle and also to the body of the driver and the passenger. Every single rock bouncer out there taking part in adrenaline pumping races on tracks full of dirt and boulders is custom built according to the liking and requirements of the driver who plans to drive it.

Rock crawlers look like vehicles for kids in comparison

If you were surprised at the strength and agility of rock crawlers when watching a race on television, wait till you get a chance to see these monster vehicles in action on racing tracks. They are so strong and can perform incredible looking action with such ease that they make rock crawlers look like babies in comparison. It is indeed a hair raising and adrenaline pumping experience for all those who have had a chance to drive one of these monster vehicles on a racing track. You would come to a conclusion that a rock bouncer is a baby resulting from the mating of a truck and a battle tank. Yes, you would feel you are completely safe and secured if sitting inside a rock bouncer even when it rolls over, is dropped from a height, or made to land on the roof of a building. These mean machines are fitted with such great shock absorbers that you not only do not get any scratches but also feel very little of shocks from the impacts. Many who have been lucky enough to sit behind the wheels of a rock bouncer all strapped up to prevent falls inside the cage say it is an exhilarating experience to say the least. This cage over the body of the rock bouncer looks like a cross between a bike helmet and the skeleton of a dinosaur.

It is the strength of the cage that matters the most

There are very few, if any, rules that govern the specifications of a rock bouncer. However, you do need large tires and enough horsepower from the engine of the machine to be able to generate the required force and torque whenever required. Fire extinguishers are commonly attached as a safety mechanism inside these Monster vehicles. But what is the highlight of these mean machines is certainly the cage that is built around the body. Most organizers demand stout and robust cages to ensure the safety of the drivers.

If you are interested, you can buy a custom built rock bouncer for your personal use. You must have come across ads with rock bouncers for sale captions in newspapers and yellow pages.


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