Can you drive using water as a fuel. Well almost, what we mean is change some of the petrol usage with Hydrogen and increase the mileage and saving money whilst at the same time helping the planet.

The way this works is that the H2O is converted, using the power from the accumulator, into a gas. The browns gas which is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is then given to the engine.

The brown’s gas is produced by changing the water using electrolysis. Electricity breaks the H2O into browns gas. This gas is used by the engine to make energy. This power replaces some of the fuel oil the machine needs.

Use Gas Not Gas In Your Car

The fuel oil replaced means a price saving. reducing the diesel price is good for the planet.

And the burning of hydrogen and oxygen only produces water. And the H2O can be used over and over.

The hydroxy when used in the engine makes more power than the petrol. This means the energy cost of making the electrical energy to create the hydrogen and oxygen, which is then burnt, is less than the power gained, making the brown’s gas free.

This is not magical, it just means the hydroxy is more efficient than the petrol and diesel.

In years to come engines may operate with very little petrol cost. Any motorcar that uses fuel could have it’s efficiency improved by having the brown’s gas added, now. Which means less money for more power.

There are more benefits to the gas as a provider of power, and has been demonstrated by people who already use this technique. The diesel burns cleaner and makes a lesser amount of contaminants in the engine meaning that machine lasts longer, the oil is less dirty and causes less wear to the bearings and moving parts.

There seem to be so many advantages to adding the hydrogen and oxygen, that it would be neglectful not to use it? The efficiency of any motor driven piece of machinery can be improved by adding gas to the fuel, no matter what the size is. This technology is here already and most engines can have the gas added fairly easily, but we do need investment from big business to improve and make it safer, and keep the crude.


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