GPS suction cup mount

Handmade GPS suction cup mount. A cheap solution :) Submitted by Peter.

Russian Ghost Rider

Russian car VAZ circling the parking lot without a driver. How the heck did it manage to go around that long? Clip source stated...

Tiny car in a narrow garage

An interesting parking solution for tiny car: look how clever old man manages to park tiny car in a narrow garage.

Traffic cops

Jokes! Traffic cops in dangerous situations:


Funny Russian strong taxi drivers. Watch closely: bus drivers make waves. They hate the taxi drivers.

Russian crash

It's my lane! No, it's mine! Drunk drivers? This is so stupid that I would not be surprised if it really happened. Only in Russia.

Mr. T-Wannabe Halves Car with Angle-Grinder to Hack Off Police

A man has saw his car in half with an angle-grinder in protest at it being clamped outside his home. Ian Taylor, from Tredworth, Glos,...

Old soviet car crash test

Look at the amateur "crash-test" of old soviet ZAZ. ZAZ is a cheapest car of soviet epoch. ZAZ was crashed at near 90 km/hr...

Wooden car

Ukrainian citizen Vasily Lazarenko made unusual tuning. The wooden car combines coupe and cabrio body. The unusual car based on 26 year old...

Russian underwater trial

What do you think about drive under water? Russian guys successfully do it, using Lada Niva, just an ordinary Russian off road car for...