New Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu post new spy shots of car, identified as next Chevrolet Malibu. The grille recalls the 2003 SS Concept and round taillamps peek through the masking in back.) The car is even a confirmed front-driver that’s likely riding on the General’s veteran G-body platform, which is evident from the kinked C-pillar shared with the Buick Lucerne.
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Volkswagen IROC

Volkswagen IROC

Volkswagen will be unveiling a concept IROC at the Paris Motor Show.

It will be a concept version of a Scirocco-like coupe they are working on. Inside reports suggest it will look like a cross between the Eco-Racer concept with a Concept A roofline on a two-door coupe body. This will be a front engine/FWD coupe and priced starting at a GTI price point of around $24k. While the car has gotten the green light for the European market and will be built at VW’s Portugal facility at the end of 2007, no decision has been made yet whether to sell it here in the U.S. Considering the car will be built in Portugal it could be sold at a better margin here in the U.S. than the GTI which is built in Wolfsburg. Also given the additional costs of reinvestments in the upcoming Golf VI the Golf/Rabbit/GTI is likely to get more expensive for the U.S. market unless currency exchange rates change.

Acura TL come into chinese market

Acura TL

First part of Honda’s Acura arrived at the port of China’s Shanghai. The luxury brand, developed by Honda for the american market, come into chinese market.

Sales of 3000 Acura TL cars are projected during the first year. The Acura TL is assembled in Marysville, Ohio only, and also is exported to Canada and Mexico.

Facelifted Porsche Cayenne

Facelifted Porsche Cayenne

Autoexpress show spy images of the facelifted Porsche Cayenne.

The most signifcant alterations are to the nose, where new headlights and a more aggressive front bumper, com?­plete with wide-set foglamps, appear.

Another less obvious change with the nose is the increased overhang ahead of the front wheels, giving greater protection to pedestrians in the event of an accident.
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Hummer-style truck

HMUV is Hummer-style off-roader

JCB has anounced oil-burning hummer-style truck . Dieselmax is a new military-spec 6.7-litre High Mobility Utility Vehicle (HMUV).

“It’s like a Hummer, only better looking,” said a spokesman. “It’s really rugged and truly is a go-anywhere vehicle.”

2008 Hyundai Equus

2008 Hyundai Equus

Its a spy photo of new Hyundai Equus, should arrive at dealerships in 2008 model year. The Hyundai Equus sports a 116-inch wheelbase. The Equus will slot in the lineup of Infiniti, BMW and Mercedes. Hyundai could use its 3.8-liter V6 to power the Equus, but also may opt for a V8 to be competitive. However, that Hyundai’s luxury sedan will offer a lot of value for a reasonable price.

Story and pictures Copyright: Brenda Priddy & Company

New Bentley 4×4

New Bentley SUV

According to Worldcarfans information Bentley is about to go off road. ???Cross Continental??? the new SUV is set to opponent the Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

Bentley to develop a 4×4 SUV based on the next generation VW Touareg-Porsche Cayenne platform. The Bentley 4×4 SUV is expected to be powered by a 6.0 litre Twin Turbo W12 engine from the Bentley Continental GT delivering 560 HP.

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

The Manthey Racing Team will make ready couple of Type 997-based Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs. Built on the latest Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the new Porsche RSR’s 3.8 liter six-cylinder is makes 485 horsepower at 8,400 RPM with a pair of mandatory 30mmm air restrictors in place. Torque peak is 435 Nm at 7,250 rpm.

Technical description: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR
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2007 Mitsubishi Montero

Mitsubishi Montero

You can see first photo of 2007 Mitsubishi Montero, known as the Shogun in other parts of the world.

At the heart of the revamp is a stylish grille and headlights, but new tail-lamps are also promised, plus larger windows.

While the design is described as evolutionary, insiders say the car not only sits on an all-new platform, but gets a reworked 4WD system, too. Flagship models will offer a 250bhp 3.8-litre V6 engine from launch early next year.

100,000,000 Nissans produced

Nissan Datsun 12

Nissan has announced today that June marked an milestone in the company’s history: 100,000,000 vehicles built. Nissan started in 1933 when Jidosha-Seizo Co., Ltd (Nissan today), manufactured its first automobile, a Datsun 12 (example above). In 2006 Nissan produces cars and trucks in facilities worldwide. 100,000,000 is a lot of cars.

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