4 Cars Worth Waiting For in 2016-18

Waiting for glittering new car models to come to market is not something engine heads are ever likely to do with any level of ease, but it’s something we have to do nonetheless. With 2015 firmly underway and new models like the Ford Mustang RTR and the Chevy Colorado ZR2 already on the horizon, we’re at least being satiated. But it’s not really enough. Continue reading

Your old truck can look better than new with just a few touch-ups and accessories

Longing for the days when you felt good about driving your car, truck or SUV? With the average new-car price over $30,000, there are many reasons to hang on to the one you have. But maybe the one you have seems a bit too tired to keep. What your car needs is a makeover.

A little nip-tuck, new shoes and a few shiny accessories can make your vehicle exciting again without breaking the bank.
Consumers spend more than $33 billion annually to personalize their vehicles, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), the trade organization representing the automotive aftermarket industry. Continue reading

Jeep Wrangler gets 356 HP engine

The Jeep Wrangler received the restyle package from the Atelier Geiger Cars tuning company. Prices for the updated Wrangler start from $50000.
The update includes 18-inch wheels, Bilstein shocks, extra protection, modified auxiliary led lights and improved bumper. The clearance of the vehicle is increased by 63.5 mm to improve off-road machine properties. Continue reading

Modern technologies: do you remember Model A?

In 1903, Ford introduced one of the first mass-produced family vehicles, the Model A. With a top speed of 45 mph, the Model A came in a two- and fourseater model with a three-speed transmission.

The available options were a roof (rubber for $30 or leather for $50), a rear door and a rear tonneau, the rear compartment containing two seats for passengers. To top everything off, the Model A came from the factory only in red. Continue reading