Volkswagen IROC

Volkswagen will be unveiling a concept IROC at the Paris Motor Show.

It will be a concept version of a Scirocco-like coupe they are working on. Inside reports suggest it will look like a cross between the Eco-Racer concept with a Concept A roofline on a two-door coupe body. This will be a front engine/FWD coupe and priced starting at a GTI price point of around $24k. While the car has gotten the green light for the European market and will be built at VW’s Portugal facility at the end of 2007, no decision has been made yet whether to sell it here in the U.S. Considering the car will be built in Portugal it could be sold at a better margin here in the U.S. than the GTI which is built in Wolfsburg. Also given the additional costs of reinvestments in the upcoming Golf VI the Golf/Rabbit/GTI is likely to get more expensive for the U.S. market unless currency exchange rates change.


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