Porsche 911 Trying to Escape Police

Background info: A 42-year old man from Netherlands is caught after a bizarre chase. The man driving a Porsche 911 GT3 drove at speeds exceeding 200 km/h (125 mph) on the highway. The traffic cops gave him the stop sign from an undercover surveillance car. The Porsche took a last second exit and went off. While entering the highway again, the driver lost control in the corner of the entranceway hitting the safety rails, losing several parts from his car, and he tried to escape again. Continue reading

VIDEO: Russian Porsche Cayenne hunting

In this crime video that has been making in Moscow, Russia, a SWAT team aka OMON was tipped off about a group of bank robbers driving a Porsche Cayenne. The great joke is that a few minutes before the criminals arrived at the point where the SWAT team was waiting for them, another dark Porsche Cayenne with similar license plate numbers passed by.

The guys in the previous Porsche Cayenne were attacked by the Russian SWAT team which released them a few minutes later after they realized their mistake.

Fake Ferrari

Ferrari F355 GTS

Agents of the Italian financial police have found out in Rome fake Ferrari F355 GTS. The sport car was made so skilfully, what even experts not at once have defined a fake. The body, marks of the engine, internal furniture and all labels did not differ from the original. However it has been established, that this F355 GTS never assembled at a Ferrari’s Maranello factory. Only detailed analysis has revealed a fake. In opinion of experts, the car has been created at factory Pontiac. Now inspectors investigate how this Ferrari “was born”.

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Such fakes are used to conjure cheap travel deals. Having such beautiful rental cars can make your vacations even more memorable. The national car rental sticks to buiks and old models. This fake ferrari is offered by hertz car rental though.

Lexus and drunk pedestrian

Hot video from Kiev, Ukraine capital. The Lexus driver has left to the pedestrian with a bat then the pedestrian has taken away a bat from the owner.. strike heavily Lexus-owner, the guy has escape, and the pedestrian has decided to recoup on Lexus. Consequences: the Lexus-owner has gone in hospital, the pedestrian go home. Lexus with the broken frontal and lateral windows, broken body has successfully been driven away in garage by friends to the victim. Good work!