Fake Ferrari


Ferrari F355 GTS

Agents of the Italian financial police have found out in Rome fake Ferrari F355 GTS. The sport car was made so skilfully, what even experts not at once have defined a fake. The body, marks of the engine, internal furniture and all labels did not differ from the original. However it has been established, that this F355 GTS never assembled at a Ferrari’s Maranello factory. Only detailed analysis has revealed a fake. In opinion of experts, the car has been created at factory Pontiac. Now inspectors investigate how this Ferrari “was born”.

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Such fakes are used to conjure cheap travel deals. Having such beautiful rental cars can make your vacations even more memorable. The national car rental sticks to buiks and old models. This fake ferrari is offered by hertz car rental though.

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  1. Fake or not, that’s an incredible piece of art. If it really is fake, then i think the makers deserve some serious credit for bringing out such an unbelievable replica of a true masterpiece…..

  2. If the above 355 really is a fake then it is truely a piece of art.
    I am a 355 enthusiast and are able to tell fakes apart from the real deal in a matter of moments.

    I can only imagine that it must have been built around a space frame chasis as opposed to it being built around an MR2 or Pontiac etc


  3. The person call adam above is a piece of shit a deserves to die in the most horrific way imaginabe.

  4. Arthur thats not a good thing to say about someone is it, i think your a piece of turd for saying something like that, i think the replica looks good, too good for a shithead like Arthur to even comment on.


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