Banned Dacia Duster ad

Banned Dacia Duster ad.

Lancia worked up an ad for its Duster that was intended to underscore the great bargain that its pint-sized SUV represents. In the process, the company managed to alienate an entire nationality and portray its dealers as a pack of bloodthirsty, vulgar thieves willing to yank the shirt off your back and insult your wife. Would you be surprised if we told you that this particular spot was apparently banned? We didn’t think so.

VIDEO: 200 Dacia Cars Destroyed

200 Dacia Cars Destroyed

A freight train carrying new Romanian Dacia to France derailed yesterday in Austria. There are 200 new Dacia’s Logan, Sandero and Duster cars were destroyed or damaged (the number of cars damaged is yet unconfirmed, between 100 and 200).

The accident took place at 60 km/h (37 mph). At one point, 10 of the 16 carts of the train came off the rails and rolled over, leaving the others slide for the next 100 meters and subsequently do the same. Initial information points to the brakes, which failed to work properly.
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