2008 Ford Escape


2008 Ford Escape

Spy shooters have caught the 2008 Ford Escape without any camouflage during testing on public roads in Detroit. The face of the new Escape looks more aggressively than 2008 Mercury Mariner. Its chrome grille eschews Ford’s three-bar grille design, instead taking cues from Ford’s new Expedition. The Escape shares the Mariner’s cleaned-up side panels, which now are free of any side cladding except for a small lower trim strip between the wheel wells.

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  1. The Honda and Ford body dnegiss are just awful, the Mazda wins by being only passable. I kinda like the Ford dash layout, but overall these vehicles show just how wrong dnegiss can be and still get produced, yuck!PS Ford is obviously sending their paid shills over here to vote for that piece of shit, yet another example of how they spend all their money on marketing and propaganda, instead of innovation, quality and talent. Thank god Henry Ford is not alive to see how low these corporate swine have brought his company


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