Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
The new Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 was destroyed. report that the Lamborghini Murcielago lost control, ran into a tree and then burst into flames. The driver was flown to a hospital.


  1. whta the crap man what do you mean it lost control? that really sucks dude. take care of your car. im 15 and couldnt have wrecked a murcielago better.

  2. WTF…how?!?!!!!HOW??!!! How can someone crash car like that.???some people can only dream to have car laki LAMBORGHINI…and that noob crashed it

  3. i have one lambrginy main it just give the 380 km one time have one acident and i most died so i sol the lamborginy and i buy a ferrari and a porche i am very rich whos give them the licenc

  4. y the hell would u do th such a sexy car. i for one am a huge fan of the murcielago.if u do this to a lambo ur retaarded as hell i dont care how rich u are

  5. this to wtf and every other person saying ” How can lose control of that thing,” u can, people who buy one and have no experience with a fast car like that, they think once they let it fly on an open road in third gear,they’ll be fine, but with no experience they lose control cuz things to damn fast

  6. It’s not that hard to wreck a Lamborghini murcielago LP640. People think that they can get on the open roads and speed over 200mph and NOT crash. That’s impossible. My friends dad just bought a 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago lp640 and lost control but didnt wreck it. It was his first time driving it. As long as you test drive it before you decide to act like an idiot to race it, you’ll be fine. Just learn the handling. People need experience with these cars. There not that simple to drive. =] **i drive exotic cars, I almost got in an accident with the first lambo I drove**

  7. It is in fact fairly easy to wreck a Murcielago if you don’t know what you’re doing. Granted, they are all-wheel-drive, but the torque distribution is very heavily rear-wheel biased. All-wheel-drive doesn’t mean they automatically handle perfectly like so many seem to think, nor does it mean that they’re idiot-proof; and just because somebody owns one, does not necessarily mean that they know how to drive one (or that they’re not an idiot). Not to mention Murcielagos don’t have traction control, stability management, or any other electronic safety nets that are so prevailent and mostly neccessitated in a lot of cars nowadays. It takes a cool hand, a lot of skill, and !!LOTS OF EXPERIENCE!! to drive a Lamborghini quickly–something that unfortunatley enough, not a lot of Lamborghini drivers possess.

  8. Your comments are all very strange. You’re all preaching to a bunch of people that don’t give a shit and were just looking at the photo!

  9. Dang first off but really people why do you people not know how to spell thats probly why the person crashed they didnt read the road signs just like some of the peopl on this page. ugh sometimes i dont wanna be on this planet because of you people

  10. I find my Murcielago to be very easy to drive and is hard to loos control un-less your are being crazy. Its handling has saved me twice but it was my fault.

    I am concerned about all these fires and want to know why.

    Anyone know why?

  11. i dont get it there’s people that have lamborginis in this thread, if they have one why are they looking at stupid lamborgini pictures? id just go and drive not look at stupid pictures

  12. I’ve been driving for over 15 years and reached speeds of close to 200 mph but it took me some time to get there, this guy doesnt deserve to drive period I dont care how powerfull the car is, it takes common sence and simple understanding, if you never drove past 150 on a normal car dont do it on lambo the first time u drive it

  13. how the crap can that happen? i’ve flipped a Lexus Is350 in Forza 2 and it didn’t look anything like that. So yeah, I think the guy who drove this must have been so frickin drunk as hell.

  14. Are you guys complete morons?

    If I showed you basically the same thing of a Toyota Camry you wouldn’t give a shit.

    It’s not hard to crash a car, I’ve seen people do worse than that to a $4000 car.

    Accidents do happen. How do you know he didn’t swerve because a kid walked out onto the road or a dog ran out infront of him?

  15. sucks to be that guy…I hope the car was taken to surgery soon after the owner. =)
    this tightly pack bowl goes for the both of ya.

  16. im from phil and i`ve been driving my murcielago for quite sometime and i can say it aint no ordinary car, getting it to 100mph is like hell already.

  17. Italian cars are well known to be pretty and fast. What is less known is that those shitters catch fire. Any car can ignite and burn but you have way better chances in a nobodies, American-whatever. How often do those Americans have Pinto type accidents? Not very often especially when you consider the volume they produce. Now compare those numbers to makers like Ferrari who make a handful of cars comparatively which constantly (again comparatively) go up in smoke. Supercar owners aren’t the only ones to beat the piss outta their cars yet they always seem to be the ones overheating or exploding. I’d expect to get a car that can perform and not vaporize me in an accident for the prices those Lamborghini and Ferrari guys paid. What good is all your money if you’re horribly disfigured, in a wheelchair, or dead? Give me a solid-ass Ford Mustang optioned out well at 40K American with 60K more into it from a reputable speed shop any day and I’ll out maneuver and out accelerate those cars three to six times its price safely, with cheaper insurance, cheaper maintenance by far. Those Italian makes are nice but too unreliable.


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