Offbeat Ways of Saving Money on Car Insurance


For people that are looking to save money, but do not necessarily want to give up their vehicle, there are some hidden ways to get cheap auto insurance rate quotes online or when you contact companies directly. These tricks are not always utilized by many, simply because they don’t know that there are discounts available. This is especially true for anyone that is willing to go beyond just asking for quotes, this is for those that want to save money and still drive wherever, whenever they’d like. There are a variety of ways to save, and the following are just some of the many different options to explore.

First and foremost, saving money on car insurance can be as easy as getting good grades. If there is a teenager in the house that is going to be on the car insurance, they can shave some money off the total annual premium by simply getting really good grades. The better the letter grades the lower the cost of auto insurance. This works for those with a teen on the bill, and not necessarily for every motorist.

For those that do not have a teenager driving their car, consider a different kind of discount. Take a driver improvement course. This type of course can really be helpful in not only how to learn how to drive, but to brush up on skills. Most companies will see this as an improvement to the driving record and will set a small discount to line up with the completion of the class. This is a great idea in general, and can help motorists save over the life of their policy.

Another way to avoid the high cost of auto insurance is to purchase a cheaper automobile. This might not seem ideal to some, but if you’re one of the many motorists that don’t want high premiums in insurance, get a clunker. Ok, do not get a car that is going to leave you stranded, but get a good car that is not necessarily top of the line, brand new, and costing an arm and a leg, get something middle of the road and reliable and the premiums will go down.

The most obvious and sometimes offbeat way to save money on car insurance is to simply drive safely. Keep a driving record clean by being alert, aware and driving defensively. Do not try to be king of the road, be safe out there, and you’ll see premiums drop with relative ease.

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