Turning the Competition Bright Envy Green with the Best Performance Parts


Everyone wants to add performance modifications to their wheels, but it can be pretty daunting. With variety of performance parts like high quality performance air filters and a great power programmer, it is tough to define what exactly performance is. For example, a Corvette might scream performance, but then if you squeeze 10 additional horsepower from a 120 horse Honda, this could also be called a power boost.

Some people want ultimate performance- like Ferrari, while others just want to get better performance than before- like Hyundai. But of course, performance is always relative, so while 155 MPH means nothing to you- it could be nightmare for some other guy. And while you can think 55MPG is a benchmark for automobile performance, it could be total waste for the some other person.

There are many performance products in the market, and one of them is the air filter. All avid drivers know that engines are just hyped up air pumps. Air goes inside the engine, where it is heated, exploded and then shot out of the exhaust. The more air goes in, the more it comes out, and more power is generated, and thus a good air filter can boost the performance greatly.

Another part is the power programmer. Plus installing it is so easy, that even a child can do it. It makes you boost the horsepower of your ride, and you don’t even have to go under the hood for that. So if you are looking for some power enhance for your wheels, then get some power performance parts and turn others green with envy.