VIDEO: 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Five-Door Hatchback


The 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Five-Door Hatchback was captured on video without any camouflage in the Canary Islands. It seems that the Mercedes-Benz team was at the island to shoot video and pictures of the luxury A-Class for its press material.

As you can see, A-Class is the five-door hatchback, which will be the first body style to be launched onto the market. Mercedes has already confirmed that the 5-door version will make its world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show in early March.

As you saw, the design of the front bumper with the stretched out side pockets, the large alloy wheels and the side skirts that the A-Class seen here is either the rumored A25 AMG or the regular model fitted with an AMG sports package.

Mercedes-Benz has kept a tight lid on the AMG version of the A-Class but sources claim that it will feature all-wheel drive with power coming from a high-performance four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine producing up to 300HP.


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