2008 Ford F-150


2008 Ford F-150

2008 Ford F-150 with six doors, “Tough Box” was caught on parking. The package will be marketed towards commercial customers, and will be available on the 2008 models. Ford F-150 prototype – a super long wheelbase extended cab with six “doors.

Two side-access doors have been added to this prototype’s cargo box.


  1. To whom it may concern:
    My fiance went to Rodeo Ford of Plano with intentions
    of purchasing a 2008 F150. He went on Thursday
    3/13/08. They gave him an estimate on what his car
    note would be where he signed a paper stating those
    facts. He asked if anything was final and was told no
    and he could drive the truck home that night. He
    called the same night and spoke to the salesman.
    He told him he no longer wanted the truck or to pay
    such a high car note over a 72 month period of time.
    He was told to come in on Saturday 3/15/08 to discuss
    options. On Saturday myself and his mother
    accompanied him. We were only there for about five
    minutes before the rudeness started. We were in the
    office with the finance specialist and the store
    manager. They laughed in our face when he tried to get
    a lower note. They offended us by stating his mother
    gave him bad advice thinking he could get a lower note
    with his bad credit. He then mad snide remarks and
    laughed in our face. He proceeded to tell his mother
    she should have taught him how to pay his bills on
    time and maybe then he could get a lower note. VERY
    UNPROFESSIONAL. After hearing the discouraging
    remarks we decided to leave. We figured nothing was
    finalized and not all of the papers were signed so we
    could walk away and go to another dealership so we
    could be treated more fairly. Instead the store
    manager said we couldn’t go anywhere else since he
    signed a contract. He was hesitant to show us the
    papers and said we would receive copies in the mail.
    We proceeded to the showroom floor where things got
    heated. My fiance tried to give the truck keys back
    and wanted his car he used for a trade in back. The
    store manager started yelling and pointing fingers.
    Since we are all upset everyone was yelling in front
    of the showroom floor. Instead of taking us into a
    back room to go over the terms the manager calls the
    police. The police come and escort us out of the
    dealership. They said if we needed to speak to them
    to contact the dealer via phone. Mind you my fiance
    was never given a second set of keys to the truck. He
    never signed over the title to his trade in car. He
    didn’t have current insurance or was the new truck
    under his insurance when he left the dealership. He
    wasn’t counseled by the financial center. Not all
    papers were signed. And he wasn’t told when his car
    note was due nor when to come back to get his tags for
    the truck. This doesn’t sound final to me. Never in my
    life have I been treated unfairly. I don’t care how
    mad someone is about not getting the perfect sale. No
    manager should yell at a customer who is wanting their


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