Suzuki Swift X Concept


Suzuki Swift X Concept

Suzuki displayed their Swift X Sport Concept on the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The hood, splitter, fender flares and spoiler are all made of carbon fiber and if you can get beyond the podium-required underbody neon, Lambo doors and tri-tone hues, you’ll be able to appreciate the 18-inch OZ wheels that frame four-piston Brembos.

In addition to a revised dash, on the inside, you’ll find that the flimsy stock thrones have been replaced with racing buckets, complete with competition harnesses. Naturally, a show car can’t leave the shop without some form of excessive ICE, so Suzuki found ten wholes to fill with speakers inside the diminutive hatch.

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  1. the car looks cool man. all i am trying to find out is where do u get your lambo doors from cause i would like to get some for my car as well. could u e-mail me back and tell me wat u had to do to get them. THANKS alot

  2. i live in united arab emirates,i just wanna say i love swift car but the problem its not fast and the engine its small vv4 1,5L no pwor and why dosnt have sunroof and break wheel in the rear


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