Look at the promo video that showed the 2009 Golf GTI in action on the road. Its a first commercial film for Golf GTI VI hatch that will enter production in spring 2009. The extended version of the promo film starts off with a guy sky diving down to earth then taking the GTI back home where he leaves a flower on the bed of his sleeping beauty.


  1. Hey,

    First off, many thanks for keeping up one of my most consistently entertaining car resources I have found. I’ve had to give up driving since moving to San Francisco a few years ago, though features like the Lambo Estoque are doing a fine job of keeping the oil in my veins warm.

    Secondly, I’ve been starting to get into the spirit of SEMA and spent the better part of yesterday scouring the web for leaks and previews of what’s anticipated for this year. Based on what I have found so far, think we’re in for anything more than cartoonish concepts and sci fi body kits?

    Thanks again and keep it up,

  2. This golf GTI is looking very promising, lets see how the customers react to its launch as compared to the other launches.

  3. 2009 Golf GT will again make it as it did in the past. what other cars will be ready for sale in March 2009? the 5 door hatch back from Mitsubishi?

  4. si yo tubiera un gti ultima generacion demostraria todo lo que puede hacer un noble auto que ensierra una gran power racing mas que un audi o un bmw…….


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