Hyundai Genesis Coupe Crash


Hot news, guys! Hyundai’s brand new rear-wheel-drive Genesis Coupe was crashed for the first time when his slammed into metal pole somewhere in Korea. Spicy detail: as you can see in the pics, both the driver and front passenger airbags failed to deploy.

The Genesis Coupe’s front-body structure looks like it did its job by absorbing most of the energy caused from the impact, which is a good thing in the event of an accident.


  1. The Airbags deploy in a frontal crash, clearly impacted on the front left fender and wheel. Had the airbag deployed it would have done nothing to benefit the driver or passenger and may have increase their risk. They didn’t FAIL to deploy, they didn’t deploy because they weren’t supposed to. This is just my opinion, I am not a crash expert. No need to flame if you disagree.

  2. SSgtdac, you are wrong, if the frontal supporting beam of the car which holds the airbag sensors is bent or damaged in any way the airbags should deploy. His entire front end driver side is gone, smashed in… His entire bumper/supporting beam and radiator are completely detached…

  3. Did anyone fail to realize the guy was speeding there for car could have potentially been modified and the system may have been tampered with, no one goes 40mph and hits a pole and turns out like this. just my opinion.

  4. in either case the side airbags are built into the seats… side of seats arent blown out Furtive is right that amout of damage should of set off all the bags look at the top of the steering wheel looks like the bag tried to come out and the glove box is open that happend when the passenger bag comes out i have an 06 Tiburon i wreck a few months ago

  5. Guys I have seen a “Disable Passenger Airbag” bottom on the dashboard. Isn’t it related, It’s just an opinion.


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