Russian blondiemobiles

See the blondiemobiles snapshoted in the Russian and Ukrainian streets. These cars very expensive for most of russian girls, which drive cheap cars, but...

Russian wakeboarding

D'you like wakeboarding? Look at the russian version, called Crazy Russian Public Road Wakeboarding!

Russian business

All brand new cars, at the time of railroad transporting to dealerships, were hijacked. Very simple business - four wheels from every car.

Russian streets

Looking at this photos d'you think that its scenes from russian blockbuster? No. Its usual Russian street.

Russian car posters

Soviet cars on promotional posters. Look fondly.

Dodge Viper Destroyed

This was a Dodge Viper in poor Russian city Kostroma. And it carried plates with ???666??? number. Some may not liked it too much...

Russia is motherland of crossovers

Do you know that Russia is motherland of crossovers? First crossover was designed for soviet leader Brezhnev which was hunter. Volga GAZ-24-95 is a...

Military Crash

Hot pics, guys! A group of Russian army vehicles smash a civil ambulance. Just in case?


Russia was unveiled a new concept car at the Auto-Show in Geneva. Russo-Balt is promoting a Russian-German luxury car concept, called Impression. Russo-Balt...

Ferrari Enzo destroyed

Another Ferrari Enzo destroyed in high-speed crash near Nice, France. Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov was in critical condition this weekend after crashing his black...