Russia was unveiled a new concept car at the Auto-Show in Geneva. Russo-Balt is promoting a Russian-German luxury car concept, called Impression.

Russo-Balt was the first Russian carmaker who produce cars between 1909 and 1923. The brand “Russo-Balt” was resurrected in 2006 by a group of German and Russian investors.

Impression is a coupe with strong hints of European styling of the 1930s. The car is fitted with mechanical parts of Mercedes CL63 AMG.

The new car will be produced by Germany’s Gerg GmbH at a rate of two to three cars a year with a selling price of about 1.5 million euros.

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  1. 1 who has tha car.2 its reall nice unique and catching 3 how can i win one get it as a gift not playin

  2. damn russian good job i like the car alteast better than american cars because american cars are worset in us and this car hase mercedes parts its better than american cars

  3. nice job russian give me one car fore free buy the way it looks nice and i beat its fast becauswe hase AMG parts

  4. i can’t understand it. The most intelligent people of the world, but not able to build a good car…
    why with germany? cant they do it allone??


  5. they are doing it with german because Russians are smart people in the world wount want to buy a Russian car because they think they still do bad like in 1980″s but they do it way better now look at new russian cars and also they are doing with Germant because peopl euin the world will buy them because thy know Germay hase the best cars in the world.

  6. ” The most intelligent people of the world ” … lol there smart people and dumb people anywhere on earth and russians are no smarter than the rest of the world .. well I guess you re russian for saying this .. well you totally prove the opposite lol

  7. I am Russian and I am proud, I am Russian and I never give up, I am Russian and this is my land, Slavs, we are here! “We will stand up to the end!

  8. im russian and i live in america and i agree with Aleksey and russians are SMART cause i am so suck that you guys lol


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