Handy Hints for Reducing Your Car Insurance Costs


There’s no denying that the cost of driving a car has dramatically increased over the past few years. And all signs point to this trend continuing, with various expenses – such as tax and insurance – rising steeply against inflation. And yet, a large majority of people continue to drive, and to look around for ways to make these costs more manageable.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make driving your car less expensive is to take a look at how much you are paying for insurance. Unlike tax, there are many different ways in which you can reduce the cost of your car insurance, just by making some simple changes.

Old for New

One of the first ways you can reduce your insurance is by swapping your car for something less expensive. The more flash your car is, the more likely it is that your insurance will be high. This is because insurance rises with the price of your vehicle, and is also related to your vehicles power and speed. Older cars tend to be less powerful, and are targeted less by thieves. But this doesn’t mean you have to drive an old junker. If you’re looking for a used car it might be worth checking out S1 cars, as they have a great selection of beautiful used cars in great condition.

Drive Safe

If you’ve ever had to make a claim on your insurance, you’ll know how much of an impact this has upon your premiums. Safe drivers tend to have lower insurance costs than dangerous drivers, simply because they’re viewed as being more trustworthy by insurance providers. But even drivers who have a clean driving record can lower their insurance costs by having an insurer’s black box fitted. Capable of analysing the way you drive and reporting this back to your provider, this handy box will ensure that safe drivers see the lower premiums they deserve.

Keep Learning

New drivers will always have to pay higher insurance costs than drivers who’ve been on the road for years. But new drivers can reduce their costs by taking the handy ‘Pass Plus‘ course which is offered to anyone who’s recently passed their test in the UK. The course will help you to learn how to drive in situations that you wouldn’t have encountered as a learner – such as on motorways – and insurers tend to look more favourably upon drivers who’ve gone through Pass Plus, offering them a nice discount as a reward.


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