Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid 2013 Review


It’s not easy to balance more power and speed with utility and performance, but Volkswagen managed to introduce Jetta Hybrid 2013 with the best of both worlds. Though not a sports hybrid, 45 miles per gallon fuel efficiency and 125 miles per hour top speed makes it a good addition to the hybrid line.

Technical aspect

The hybrid features 1.4-liter four-cylinder (turbocharged) 1.4-liter TSI (gasoline) engine that delivers 150 bhp and at 5000 rpm, the torque is 184 lbs. -ft. The clutch placed between the transmission and engine combines with the electric motor and delivers torque of 114 lbs. -ft. at 1000 rpm and 27 bhp.

Total productivity is 184 pound -ft. torque and 170 horsepower. The electric motor can also work independently in full electric mode or ‘E-mode’ and deliver up to 37 miles per hour, allowing for a good period of zero-emission drive. The DSG seven-speed gearbox makes it easy to switch between auto and manual modes, making the Jetta sportier compared to other hybrids in the market.

Inside tech

There’s enough infotainment inside the 2013 Jetta Hybrid to keep you busy. The steering wheel pads (four-way) bring audio video recognition and cruise control buttons at hand. The responsive touchscreen has big icons and six separate buttons for media, status, navigation etc. The central screen acts as an analytical tool for the power system, media player and other active tech.

The environmental controls are placed under the central responsive screen and the E-mode button mentioned before is placed at the front of the shifter. The maker even decided to go for a stereo – a solid CD player with sufficient level of volume and bass.


The Jetta is essentially a Sedan and features a panoramic sunroof and pinch power protection windows. The color options being offered are black, silver, dark grey and white. It is important to note at this point that anyone interested in a ’13 Jetta won’t be able to do much to stop the original color from fading if the car is parked in the direct sun at home.

This is because ultra-violet rays threaten the body’s paint colors (regardless of the finishing). However, a replacement canopy top can prevent the damage as they are made with UV laminated polyethylene material. They also serve a dual purpose of keeping the car safe from rain water and snow, if you’re in a cold environment. Other manual suggestions include waxing and drying with a micro-fiber rag.

Gauge and battery

The gauge is placed on the left side and shows driving habits and regenerative status of braking on a scale of 1-10. This energy-usage scale helps the driver to identify the use of electrons and adapt to more efficient driving.

Another benefit of the battery-powered system is that there’s no noise generation and the generally calm environment makes for an extraordinary drive, because gas engines usually vibrate and generate buzz.

Final verdict

The Hybrid Jetta 2013 Model by Volkswagen is a complete package with headed seats, airbags, sunroof, navigation, dual climate control, warning systems and much more. It becomes an ideal option for those who are making an effort to reduce their individual carbon footprint.

However, it is not a GLI, so it will result in less braking and cornering grip if pushed over the limit. It can get a little unstable on uneven roads at greater speed, but it still has a good road grip. The car’s price starts from $25,000 and goes up to $31,000.


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