VIDEO: Volkswagen Tiguan Promo

Here is a awesome commercial video from Brazilian advertising agency BBDO, which was hired by Volkswagen. Searching for a parking place is a disappointing experience and advertising agency DDB Argentina took this modern day problem and morphed it into a clever VW commercial title “Volkswagen Tiguan: The Duel” to showcase the compact SUV’s hands free parking system.

Audi A6 TV Commercial

Here is a new TV commercial for redesigned 2012 Audi A6 series. The new A6 is bound to spark controversy and fuel more than a few heated discussions, Audi is portraying a large percentage of American drivers as being complete nincompoops that drive on third-world roads. Audi answer to these problems is assimilate or die the new A6, which is described as “intelligent” and “technologically advanced”.
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VIDEO: Top Gear ix35/Tucson ads

The advertising types at Hyundai have picked up on the cheeky part of Top Gear in an overseas commercial for the ix35 crossover (also known as Tucson in the States). The ads, which apparently air in South Africa, very overtly spoof the BBC program, but with three animals making up the “Top Deer” team. Clarkson, Hammond and May are replaced with a wildebeest, hamster and a turtle. The Stig is replaced with a deer called “The Stag.”

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Video: Opel Insignia 4×4 vs. Opel Ascona 400 Rally Car

The interesting promo video from Opel’s advertising division. In this promo video, the 2.4-liter Opel Ascona 400 Rally Car is pitched against the Opel Insignia 4×4 in a race on ice. Behind the steering wheel of the Ascona 400 is rally legend Christian Geistdorfer while the all-new Opel Insignia is driven by racing talent Sina Winkelhock, daughter of Jockel Winkelhock.

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2009 VW Golf GTI VI Promo

Look at the promo video that showed the 2009 Golf GTI in action on the road. Its a first commercial film for Golf GTI VI hatch that will enter production in spring 2009. The extended version of the promo film starts off with a guy sky diving down to earth then taking the GTI back home where he leaves a flower on the bed of his sleeping beauty.

Ford Fiesta Love Factory

Ford has created a new viral campaign for its new subcompact hatch car dubbed “Fiesta Love Factory”. I am accused of being a bit slow sometimes, but I don’t even know what they are attempting to communicate with these ads. Rastamans? Perhaps these spots are a bit silly and memorable, but I just don’t understand what about this would encourage me to buy a Ford Fiesta.

I think, target market are young stupid pregnants only.

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