2010 Chrysler 300 Convertible


2010 Chrysler 300 Four-door Convertible

Chrysler plans to bring a four-door retractable-top car to market. The new convertible sedan will based on the next-generation Chrysler Group LX platform and will arrive no earlier than the 2010 model year.

Helios concept (ASC design), based on a 300C four-door sedan, was unveiled at the Detroit show last year. The Helios is a rag top with a lattice structure to provide expected levels of body rigidity. But Chrysler has rejected the ASC design and chosen another designers to build its 300 retractable sedan. A complex folding steel roof covering four doors in a large sedan seems difficult, but if Chrysler can carry this off, a Chrysler 300 Convertible will add more prestige to keep it at the forefront of leading-edge design.

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  1. I am a total chrysler 300 convert and that convertible is on my 2009 buy for sure. Finally a company smart enouph to know that all convertibles do not need to by tiny and cute!! They can be huge, masucline and aggressive looking.i hope they make it in a dark taupe (grey brown) with a tan interior and what would be cool would be taupe piping on a leather interior. WOW. i’d sell my wife for that…..!

  2. I have heard that they are not bringing this out and I can say that I would be ticked off if they didn’t. When I heard about this I lost my mind…I didn’t think the 300 could get better, but a 4dr convert…with it’s body style man oh man…Chrysler don’t let me down….I got to have that.

  3. hey I just want it to say concratulations for the reason that you dont see this time of cars now. once yall bring this to tha market yall have others copying. I want it to do this to my 300 but hey not all of us have that much money yall know well just want it to know how much yall would charge if I want to make mine the same

  4. Why wait this will be the jewel of the auto indusrty, i have waited for this or some news on this car for the last 3 years, may i drive the demo for you, please keep me up with it’s release date cant wait!!!!!!!!

  5. To be honest, I have not been all to taken by the 300 or any of its spin-offs. However, when I saw pictures of the Convertable online, I just nearly freaked out. Visualy, the thing is stunning w/ the top down. An absolute georgous car.

  6. this is already out in some states, I seen it 1st in Olathe, KS about 2yrs ago, and the dealership had about 15+ if them all along the front of the shop for sale. Very nice car……very very nice.

  7. Oh my God! Ive been waiting on this car. I love this car I will be a buyer when this car hits the dealership. I would like information on how I can order before they come. I would like to be a demo driver also. Gotta have it! 🙂

  8. If Chrysler does not bring this vehicle to the market, my guess would be because of the economy, however making it safe, enviormently friendly, and yes, affordable I think it will be a huge success! So come on Chrysler, show us what you’ve got, I’ll be waiting…….

  9. I actually have been looking for quite some time for a convertible and really had’t seen any that I really cared for until this one. I fell in love with it and wanted to buy one. Then I was told they are not out yet. I am way past due for a new car but I am going to wait for this one. Chrysler, if you decide not to make this car it would it would be a trun for the worst. At this day and time you need to put something out there like this. Economy or not I think you would be surprised what this would do for your company. I know if I want to spend money on a new car I want to buy what I like because I plan on keeping it for a while. I also will be waiting……

  10. I am not a fan of Chrysler, but I would buy this car. I saw it as a 300C concept in Chicago years ago and LOVED it. As I recall it was a show favorite. I don’t know why it has taken them so long to build this. It will sell like hotcakes as long as they don’t over price it. I was going to buy the new Audi A5 cabriolet until I stumbled upon this article. I can’t wait to see it in person here in Dallas. Last thing, do not make it look all plastic looking like you did the Sebring. Use real leather, wood trim, and quality paneling on the doors, dash, etc. Thanks and good luck.

  11. That has always been my dream car and i will want to get someday becuse it is so cute and i like it and it is a 2010 that means it just came out YEAH

  12. already have 300 crd srt its magic, would instantly buy convertable and bring uk, if only knew who to talk to so as to get one they look mint.

  13. I have gone to chrysler and they said theyre not gonna sell it, i looove this car, the only option i found, is to but it and take it to a place to make it convertible, the thing is that i live in mexico, and nobody do that, bit i found some people in the usa, called, coachbuilders that do it, i would loooove to have that car, just love it since the second i saw it, i havent seen any new information about the 300 convertible since 2006, so i hope chrysler tell us if its coming out or not!

  14. we own 05 pt limted with 20. 000 on the clock in red .love it know also going to own a silver cabrio .thought of a 300c cabrio in red white trim /yes i will buy one ..please build them this could save the company .a bentley at the right price.we are nearly 60 .high life at the price to

  15. This is the bomb! I have been looking all over for this. Besides the Bentley, and the Rolls which are so expensive. It’s not flashy, very conservative, and luxurious.

  16. Where are the customizing shops where I can get my 2006 converted into a convertable. I am attached to that body style. Although the 2011 is “somkin” I still like the 2006 to 2010.

  17. You will not even feel a thing… Naturally there's ayalws the 2006 Chrysler three hundred and the 2007 Chrysler three hundred to look out for…


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