Audi to enter the used car business


Audi has recently announced plans to enter the used car industry in a big way over in India.

The German manufacturer has been a staple in the European car industry for years now, providing drivers with great cars throughout the years such as the Audi TT and A8. Recently Audi have also tried to step into the US market further. The manufacturer has been sponsoring several events in a bid to try and push into the American market and it seems that there plans for world domination have taken another step with this news about their business plan for India.

With India being such a huge emerging market, Audi have decided to push into the used car market. With the class divide in India being extremely steep it seems the most suitable option for a manufacturer trying to get a foothold into an emerging market that is booming with development.

Audi’s India head, Michael Perschke had the following to say when talking to Business Line:

“By the end of this year, we will start our used car business under the Audi Approved Plus brand. In the first year, it can account for 5-10 per cent revenue and we expect this to to up to 25 per cent over a five – year period.”

With Audi’s used car brand being available across 14 dealerships in India and an estimated 6,000 Audi cars already on their roads it seems likely that Audi will continue to evolve and expand across the world.

Closer to home there has also been an increase in used cars being bought, with these economic times, many more people are looking to used cars on places such as ebay and local dealerships for their cars rather than the brand new option.

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