Today, car insurance makes up a significant part of a car’s running costs, but if you’re prepared to make a bit of effort, you can still save money on insurance premiums.

Car insurance costs are dependent on a number of factors, such as the type of car, the engine size and the brand of car. For instance, some insurers will charge more to insure a hybrid car compared with a regular car as they consider the technology behind hybrids to be more specialist and potentially more expensive to repair. So you may want to take these kinds of factors into account when purchasing a car.

It used to be that searching around for the best price on car insurance involved spending long amounts of time on the phone to different insurance companies. Today, the process is far easier thanks to the internet and the existence of price comparison websites like igo4 insurance. These kinds of sites make the job of searching for the cheapest policy so much easier.

When filling in the form, remember there are a number of ways you can reduce the cost of your car insurance policy.

  • The number of years of no-claims bonus you have can make a real difference to the quotes you receive. It can reduce premiums by up to 30% in some instances.
  • The amount of miles you cover in a year will also affect insurance quotes. The lower the annual mileage, the better discount you’ll get on an insurance quote.
  • Another thing to consider is the security devices you have installed in your car. Fitting certain alarms and immobilisers which are recognised by your insurer could reduce your premiums.
  • If you agree to pay a higher voluntary excess, this can also lead to a discount on your premium. The logic is that if you’re willing to pay a high excess, you’re less likely to be putting in minor claims on your insurance policy, and therefore you present less of a risk to an insurer.
  • Spending an hour or so on finding fresh quotes for your car insurance could save you hundreds over the year – it’s time well-spent!


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