Hyundai’s eight-seater MPV


Hyundai has been announced its eight-seat MPV model. The Hyundai MPV, called i800, goes on sale on 20 June for $20,000, and as with conventional seven-seat MPVs, features three rows of chairs. But unlike most of its rivals, which have a bench for three people across the middle and space for only two in the third row, the i800 has a pair of benches each with enough room to take a trio of passengers. Sliding rear doors will also ensure easy access to all the back seats.

The i800 is promised to have an 851-litre boot, even with a full complement of occupants. There’s also two-tone cabin trim, privacy glass, a six-speaker audio system and six individually controllable vents to distribute fresh air evenly throughout.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels from a new 2.5-litre turbo-diesel. This is claimed to return 33mpg, while a 75-litre tank gives the MPV a healthy 560-mile range.

From late 2010, the i800 will also feature Hyundai’s new voice-activated Bluetooth communications system. Similar to set-ups used by Ford and Fiat, it will use Microsoft software.



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