Mazda BT-50 Pickup Truck


Mazda BT-50 Pickup Truck

Mazda released the first official photos of the its all-new BT-50 pickup. The two pickup truck models are the result of a collaboration between Ford and Mazda and will both get their world premiere at this week’s Australian International Motor Show in Sydney.

The Mazda BT-50 pickup gets its own unique exterior cues and interior styling inspired by the Mazda’s passenger car range. Though far less aggressive than originally implied on the first teaser sketches, the BT-50’s exterior design is more funky than it’s Ford sibling. The same can be said about the interior which is said to feature all the accommodations of a passenger car.

Here’s what Mazda had to say about the new BT-50:

“It offers all the functionality required for business use combined with passenger car-like comfort for family use; and for active customers in Australia and Europe, it is the perfect answer for all kinds of outdoor leisure activities.

“With modern and refined styling both inside and out, the All-New Mazda BT-50 will raise the bar in the utility segment and for the first time provide a realistic alternative to the family wagon and 4×4 SUV.”

Mazda BT-50 Pickup TruckMazda BT-50 Pickup TruckMazda BT-50 Pickup Truck



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