Sports cars cost more in a number of ways. They cost more to buy, that is a given. They also cost more to maintain from the parts that they need, the routine fine tuning that the owners are continually doing to the cost of insurance. The more powerful the car, the higher these costs will go. It is common sense.

Insurance for the high end sports cars is outrageously high for a number of very obvious reasons. First, the person that is most likely to buy these machines is the person that most insurance companies deem “higher risk” to begin with. The sheer power of these machines makes them highly dangerous, even in highly skilled hands. An accident with a super sports car is likely to rack up major expenses and is very likely to cause serious if not fatal injuries. A family sedan is built to withstand the typical accident with a minimum of damage to the occupant area but is not built for speed at all. The sports car, especially the high end models are the direct opposite.

Speed Plus Skill Plus Overconfidence May Equal Danger

Because they are built to be ultra responsive, these are cars that have to be handled by a firm hand, a clear mind and a nerves of steel. Confidence in your ability is a good thing but too much can lead to problems. Just one miscalculation of speed, turn radius or any other factor can lead to an accident. A family car, cruising at fifty five may swerve off the road and get stuck in the mud.

A super sports car, blasting down the road at highly illegal and dangerous speeds of well over one hundred miles per hour will not just swerve a little. The smallest jerk of the wheel can end with the car upside down, or worse. There is no such thing as a minor accident with a car of this kind of power.

Legality is in the Eye of the State

The super sport car is typically not licensed for use on the open road but that does not mean that drivers won’t dare it every now and then. This is another of the reasons that insurance on these cars is so expensive. A ticket or other violation will drive up the cost of insuring the driver, regardless of the type of vehicle they are driving. It is very important that you know the cost of insuring the car adequately but understand that insurance has its limitations. If you break the law and then have an accident in your car, the insurance company may be within their legal right to deny your claim, even if you have injured someone. Cruising around in sunny San Diego, California is great fun until something unthinkable happens.

If this has happened to you, whether you were the driver of a car or an unfortunate person involved in an accident with one of these super sports cars, it is important to seek out a well qualified, San Diego personal injury attorney for advice on how to proceed so that your legal rights are protected.


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