Fiat 500L in Hilariously Cheeky Ads

FIAT 500L | Wedding

The Fiat 500L had some of the funniest commercials we?€™ve seen from Italian carmaker. The Fiat continues to promote the 500L minivan in the U.S. with a new series of hilarious ads called “Wedding”, “Date” and “Sisters.” Yes, it’s those kind of ads, but don’t worry, everything is SFW.
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Spy Video: Mercedes-Benz S-Class XL

Here is a fresh video from Nurburgring, where premium carmaker Mercedes-Benz is continuing the testing its extra-long S-Class as a prototype. The S-Class lineup will gain a third member next year when the “XL” version will come out. It will be slotted above the existing long wheelbase version which has an overall length of 5246 mm. The longer one will be around 5500 mm in length and will keep the same two plus two seating layout. While the third side windows of the short- and long-wheelbase versions are included in the rear doors, on the XL model these will be positioned after the rear doors. Continue reading

New Infiniti Q30 Hatch Concept

Infiniti has teased its fans before upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Japanese premium segment carmaker has released its new Q30 hatch concept. It is a cool version of the actual Q30 that looks at coupes, crossovers and hatchbacks for inspiration, all fused together to create Infiniti’s foray into the premium compact segment.
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The Hidden Benefits of Our Car Culture

The automobile has been the cornerstone to our society for such a lengthy amount of time that it has been ingrained within our culture. We can’t turn on the T.V. without seeing some form of car advertisement at least once or twice during the night. We also see billboards, magazine ads, and many sponsored events by the big automobile manufacturers. Continue reading