Chevy Camaro concept

The Chevrolet Camaro concept was one of the hits of the 2006 NAIAS.

GM’s product boss Bob Lutz admitted the retro-styled 2+2 had been sent back to the drawing board after the original finished version had been seen by one highly influential viewer.

“We felt good about it but we didn’t feel great about it. Sometimes it needs someone else to look at it,” said Lutz. “Rick Wagoner said ‘that looks just like the old one and why would we want to do that? Let’s get some modern flair into it so we’re not repeating the past.’ Ed Welburn had been working with one group of designers so he put a second team on to it. And right away, the moment there was competition, things started to get a little more exciting. We have gone with a compendium of the two teams’ work that has the best elements of both cars.”


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