You’ve heard your mechanic tell you, “It’s time to change the oil” for your car, but do you really know why the oil needs to be changed? If you think your mechanic is ripping you off by recommending this unnecessary repair, think again! Changing your oil is very important, so it’s wise to heed your mechanic if he tells you that it’s time to give your car an oil change.

Understanding the Importance of Motor Oil

Your motor is the most important part of your car, as it’s the engine that provides the power to make your car go. The oil inside the motor will ensure that the various parts of the motor are properly lubricated, which keep them working properly. The engine has hundreds of tiny parts that move to keep the engine working, and these parts would break if they weren’t properly lubricated. The engine oil ensures that they are running smoothly and problem-free.

The reason that your motor oil may need to be changed is due to the fact that your oil gets contaminated with regular use. As you drive, pollution and dust get sucked into the engine, and antifreeze can leak into the oil. As the metal parts work, the metal can get shaved and the shavings can get into the oil. Even the additive in your motor oil will break down, and this will cause your motor oil to get dirty.

You’ll notice that your motor oil gets less sticky after a few months of use, and this is because it is being contaminated and diluted by dirt, dust, antifreeze, shavings, and more. The oil will become dark and almost black thanks to the dust and other contaminants, and those small particles can get into the engine and cause it to stop working. You can touch the old oil with your fingers, and you’ll feel that it’s almost completely watered down.

When the contaminants in the oil get mixed together, they can form a slow-moving sludge. This sludge will get stuck on the working parts of your engine, and they will make the engine run more slowly. If the sludge builds up too much, you’ll find that your engine will stop working altogether. You want to prevent the sludge from building up, and this is where the oil change comes into play.

Don’t think that ignoring the problem will make it go away, but the sludge will just accumulate as you drive. If you drive in inclement weather, dusty conditions, in heavy traffic, or in cold weather, you’ll find that the engine will get dirty and in need of an oil change much more quickly. While the recommendation from most experts is to change the oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, it may need to be changed more often depending on the amount of driving you do.

Changing your oil yourself isn’t too hard, but it can be a messy job. You’ll find that taking it to a mechanic to do the oil change is the best way to ensure that your car is taken care of properly. The mechanics at Reedman Toll Chevy can do the job much more quickly, and your car will have fresh oil in just 20 minutes or so. Rather than investing hours trying to figure out how to drain the old oil, change the oil filter, put the motor back together, and add the new oil properly, just let the experts handle it for you! It will be much easier and quicker.


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