Hot Pursuit: Seven Cool Cop Cars from Around the World


Let’s face it, police vehicles aren’t known for being anything more than functional and spacious, but some police stations across the country and around the world are apparently looking to change that. In fact, their cars have gone from functional to fun – and even sporty, stylish, eco-friendly and, in some instances, space age. Take a look:

Germany & Australia. Although not all police officers are assigned luxury sports cars, some officers in these countries are lucky enough to cruise through town in a Porsche 911. In the Italy. In the country that gave birth to the ultimate sports car, it should come as no surprise that some Italian police officers tool around in a stunning Lamborghini. Several years ago, the automaker donated a few – and now the police force is working to beef up its sporty stockpile.

US – Texas. In some parts of Texas you’ll find police officers clicking into a Dodge Viper rather than saddling up their horses or sliding into a Crown Victoria.

U.K. The Jaguar XF Police Special, which was made specifically for U.K. police forces, not only gives the officers a sleek, fast car to use when chasing criminals, but it gives them a cool ride that people are naturally interested in, allowing them to start conversations with citizens and build relationships.

US – Boca Raton, FL. In order to give police officers the element of surprise, the City of Boca Raton bought a few Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles to use as police cars. By allowing officers to drive unmarked vehicles that blend in with others, their officers are more easily able to catch violating traffic laws and committing other nefarious acts.

US – Seattle. Opting for beefy, rather than stealthy, some Seattle police officers have recently starting using Dodge Charges on their patrols.

UK – Sussex, England. Although we may not know just how many officers get to drive the Lotus Elise, you can bet that when a criminal sees its flashing lights in his or her rearview mirror the any thought of giving chase is quickly erased.

Aside from these vehicles, officers around the world are getting hipper, faster, sleeker rides – all of which serve to catch up to criminals and start conversations with their constituents, making police officers both more menacing (to bad guys) and more approachable (by citizens).

BIO: Rose Fox – Rose is a guest author who just loves to write. She occupies her time word smithing about everything from useful tricks to used trucks, from farming to pharmaceuticals.


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