Reasons to drive a small city car this spring


Which vehicles are flying off the forecourt fastest? In some places, sales of small city cars jumped more than 50% in 2012. Here’s why the trend’s likely to continue.

Super-cheap to run

New small cars like these are super-cheap to run. In towns, some can take you almost 50 miles per gallon of petrol; and on the open road, nearly 70 miles per gallon. Fuel-efficient engines and light, aerodynamic construction means fewer trips to the filling station. CO2 emissions of just 178gm, or less, make these models kinder on the environment too. You can also add in extra reliability – so lower maintenance bills – and smaller insurance premiums.

Great investments

Figures also show that as demand for these autos rises, so they’re keeping their value better. In 2009, luxury vehicles were best at holding their value. But since then small city cars have jumped from ninth place to first. Typically, if you’ve owned one from new, for three years or 36,000 miles, you could resell it today and get back 50% of the price you originally paid.

Size matters

Made for the crowded streets, small city cars are easier to manoeuvre in traffic. And to park too, with features like sonic detectors which sense hazards behind you and sound an alarm if you get too close. Yet the better models are also surprisingly roomy inside, with space for five people and smart storage that keeps everything you need for your ride in easy reach. Some even have boots with removable floors that enable you to carry, upright, taller items than you might think.

Big on style

Another edge is these cars’ stylish looks. Subtle details on the best, like flared wheel arches and motorcycle-inspired headlamps, boost their sporty poise and ready-to-go charisma. Inside a select few, you’ll find funky instrument clusters and moody back lighting. Plus advanced sound systems so you can connect your iPod or MP3 player, and choose and play tracks using controls mounted on the steering wheel.

Make it personal

Finally, even a basic small city car offers you a great choice of trims, so you can tailor it to match your lifestyle and to express who you are. Look out for vibrant exterior colours – with optional bonnet stripes and side flashes – and dynamically patterned interior cloths. Some also offer eye-catching accessories like multi-spoke alloy wheels, and rear-view mirror covers finished in dazzling chrome.


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