Kia Soul Hybrid


The Kia has unveiled its Soul Hybrid prototype at the Paris Auto Show. This Soul prototype features a 1.6-liter gasoline engine mated to an electric motor that delivers an output of 15 kW and 105 Nm of torque. Power is driven to the front wheels via Kia’s own CVT while the Soul Hybrid’s batteries are charged through regenerative braking.

The new Kia’s prototype is designed to return an average fuel consumption of 4.9 lt/100 km or 48 MPG US and a CO2 figure of 117 g/km reducing CO2 emissions by 26.4% compared to the conventional Kia Soul 1.6L. In order for the show visitors to be able to check out the Soul’s hybrid powertrain and battery pack, the prototype comes complete with a transparent bonnet and floor.


  1. This is actually my first time to see a car manufacturer actually release a car with a transparent bonnet and floor. Too bad I missed the Paris Auto Show. I would love to see this one in person.


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