Six Things to Consider After Passing Your Driving Test


Passing your driving test is one of life’s biggest achievements. However, the learning doesn’t just stop there. In fact, there are a number of things that all new drivers need to become aware of pretty quickly.

Here we take a look at six important things you should consider once you have your full driving licence.

One: Hand over your pass certificate for your full driving license as soon as you can. The certificate is actually valid for two years, but it makes sense to sort out your new one whilst you still remember. If you leave it longer than two years, you’ll have to retake your test – something you definitely won’t want to go through again!

Two: Consider get some P-plates for a while until you have built your confidence sufficiently driving by yourself. Although you don’t have to have them, if other drivers know you’re new to the road they may give you a bit more space and have patience around you if you make the occasional mistake.

Three: Insurance is an expensive yet important part of driving – it’s a legal requirement in fact and you can have your car seized by the police if you do not have any when you take to the road. 3rd party insurance is the minimum requirement so you have the adequate cover to compensate the other driver or passengers if you are ever in an accident. There are lots of insurance providers, but we’d recommend Auto and General who offer lots of extra benefits, like overnight accommodation in emergencies and a legal expenses fund.

Four: Consider taking an advanced course like Pass Plus after taking your test, especially if you don’t feel confident taking to a motorway or driving at night-time. Motorway driving can be quite a scary experience the first few times you do it, so under the guidance of a trained instructor you’ll be able to become an expert at it before you have to take it on yourself. It can also help to lower your insurance premiums with some providers.

Five: Start to develop a driving style. You’ll find that as you gain experience you will become a better driving and able to look ahead to potential hazards on the road. Anticipate the movements of other motorists around you and be aware of your position on the road. You’ll learn to leave appropriate gaps to massively reduce the risk of being in an accident, which is by far the most important part of driving. Let’s face it – getting from A to B safely is the main aim, not driving as quickly as possible!

Six: Learn to look after your car. Once you have your own motor you’ll want to take care of it to get as much life out of it as possible and to ensure it will keep you safe. Regularly check oil and water levels before long trips, and do a weekly look at your tyre pressures. Properly pumped up tyres can help your car grip to the road but also use fuel in the most efficient way.


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