The SEAT: Which Model Should I Choose?


Using the best of Spanish and German engineering, SEAT has always set out to offer car models that offer both the thrill of the drive and superior engineering. This is a young, design-driven manufacturer looking for new ways to create that thrilling car owner experience. But which is the best SEAT model? Well, that is a hard question to answer, especially because none of the SEAT models are average. These are cars made for the enjoyment of driving. So that means that models fit each consumer’s needs. Whether you are looking for a compact city car or an MPV there is a SEAT model for you.

The Engineering

All SEAT models are equipped with the highest technology and to the highest standards of automotive engineering. Every SEAT is equipped with cutting edge multimedia systems that include Bluetooth connectivity, and the economical TSI or TDI engine.


This is the small but mighty compact model, ideal for the city. Equipped with the latest technology this model comes in either a three or five-door model. This is really a cute small car that offers all the space you need.

The Ibiza

The Ibiza is a stylish car that comes in a sporty, practical and luxurious model. The Ibiza stands out because of its stylish design and exciting colours. But aside from this, the Ibiza also offers the performance you want.


The Toledo is a stylish family sedan that offers a smooth and fun drive. As with all SEAT models it offers numerous high tech features inside, all at a very affordable price.

The Leon Cupra

The Leon Cupra is considered a real thrill to drive. It comes with real acceleration power with 2.0 litre 265PS or 280PS engine.

The Altea

Driving the Althea is an ideal option when you have a long way to drive. The Altea offers a balance between efficiency, space and performance. Wherever you go, the Altea is ready for you.


This is a multi-purpose award winning vehicle that offers lots of space for the entire family. Its versatile design is perfect for families on the go.

The Choice

Ah now to the crux of the matter, which is the best? It’s difficult to say. If family trips and activities are a priority then the Alhambra might be perfect, whereas if stylish design, comfort and luxurious interiors are what you want, then you might be better off with the Altea. But if fuel economy and parking availability are a concern, then certainly you want to consider the Mii.


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