Nissan Recalling Altima for Spare Tire Inflation

Nissan recalling a little over 123,000 examples of its 2013 Altima, over an issue with the spare tire. Japanese carmaker told the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) that the spare tire in these vehicles “may have been significantly over- or under-inflated”. Nissan’s dealers will do what regular owners should do from time to time anyway – “inspect and adjust the spare tire pressure”.

Hot Pursuit: Seven Cool Cop Cars from Around the World

Let’s face it, police vehicles aren’t known for being anything more than functional and spacious, but some police stations across the country and around the world are apparently looking to change that. In fact, their cars have gone from functional to fun – and even sporty, stylish, eco-friendly and, in some instances, space age. Take a look: Continue reading

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Accidents on the road can occur at any time, and sometimes when you least expect it. Even if you have been really careful, and it??ôs caused by other parties, your life might be impacted in a certain amount. Whether you are the car driver, motorcyclist, cyclist, or a pedestrian, you have a right to claim compensation, proven that the accident was not caused by you and to the degree of the injury suffered. For any compensation claim the first part is to determine if it was your fault or not. Your solicitor will work with you to find out who to seek compensation from. Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept

Here are the first official pics of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept. The concept of the Mercedes-Benz GLA compact crossover will be unveiled at the upcoming Auto China 2013 Show in Shanghai, which starts this Saturday. Probably, the production model will be ready for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year. The German luxury carmaker will prepare a new GLA and it goes on sale worldwide in the first half of 2014.
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Mercedes chooses Garmin for next-gen info system

Mercedes has announced Garmin will provide fully integrated system for the luxury carmaker’s future navigation. Garmin says the systems will also include a small secondary display for upcoming turn information, and users will also be able to control the navigation system via either the vehicle’s rotary control or voice commands. Continue reading